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Information to help citizens, planners, and policymakers make more informed decisions about Oregon's natural resources and communities.

NEW! Tracking Oregon’s Progress (TOP) Indicators

TOP Indicators

This new addition to the Rural Communities Explorer’s Communities Reporter Tool presents data and information to help Oregonians understand where we’ve been and where we’re headed on issues related to a healthy economy, healthy people & communities, and a healthy environment.


Updated Imagery Explorer

Imagery Explorer

The updated Imagery Explorer now provides streaming and download access to five generations of statewide aerial imagery: 1995, 2000, 2005, 2009, 2011, with the addition of 2009 and 2011 Color Infrared, Pictometry orthophotos in selected urban centers, bare earth hillshade, and other  products derived from available Lidar data. Developed in partnership with the Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office (GEO) and ESRI. 


Western Landscapes Explorer

Western Landscapes Explorer focuses on collaborative organizations, such as the Western Governors Association and the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition and their prioritization of landscape-level management actions across the West. Featured: spatial data, landscape-level models and output from the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project, and photographs.

Oregon's Top Natural Resource Plans

Healthy Environment is one of the six high-level outcome areas in the 10-Year Plan for Oregon. Learn about the Oregon plans and programs that support a healthy environment.


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