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Oregon's Greatest Wetlands

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Priority Wetlands for Conservation and Restoration

Wetlands are uniquely productive and valuable ecosystems, and provide a wide range of ecological, social and environmental functions. Though often limited in size, they occur in all corners of Oregon and are among the most biologically productive and species-rich habitats in the state. Coastal salt marshes, pitcher-plant bogs, mountain fens, valley bottom vernal pools, wet prairies, spruce swamps and desert saltgrass flats are a small sampling of the diversity of wetland types in Oregon.

Wetlands are habitat for plants, animals, invertebrates, fish, and fungi. They store flood waters, maintain base flows, and recycle nutrients and chemicals while providing opportunities for recreation, education, and aesthetic experiences. Read full story.


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The Wetlands Conservancy recently acquired 460 acres that will be the cornerstones of a comprehensive protection system for the highest priority salt marsh sites in Yaquina Estuary. The new acquisitions have been the spark for additional acquisitions in the Yaquina, Alsea Bay and Beaver Creek watersheds.

It has helped launch a multi-partner vision of 10,000 acres of conserved forest, riparian, wetland, mudflat and estuary lands from Newport to Waldport.