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Herbaceous Riparian

Herbaceous riparian vegetation occurs along rivers and streams throughout the state. It is often in or along active stream channels, and intergrades with upland portions of floodplains in a jumble of units that are difficult or impossible to map separately. It also intergrades with forested and shrub riparian vegetation, usually occurring as openings among these other types. It differs from the other habitat categories by having a relatively small patch size and moving water. Substrates are cobbles, boulders, sand, silt, and woody debris. Hydration may come from seasonal flooding by streams and rivers, or perennial streams and groundwater.

Freshwater Marshes Map

Herbaceous riparian map

Habitat: Edges and channels of rivers and streams, or interior portions of floodplains
Water regime: Perennially to seasonally flooded
Water chemistry: Fresh


Authored by John A. Christy, Wetlands Ecologist, (ORBIC) Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (2017)