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Oregon Sage-Grouse Action Plan

Oregon Sage-Grouse Action Plan

Oregon Sage-Grouse Action Plan 
Appendices (Combined)


(Jeremy Roberts, Conservation Media)

  1. SageCon Partners
  2. Summary of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 2010 “Warranted but Precluded” Determination
  3. Metrics Tables
  4. Implementation Recommendations and Guidelines 
  5. County Sage-Grouse Regional Report
  6. State of Oregon Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat Mitigation Manual
  7. Calculation of Developed Land Area
  8. Strategic Framework Tools and Details for the Resistance and Resilience Matrix and the State-and-Transition Model Approach
  9. Calculation of Acres of Exotic Annual Grasses, Conifers, and Wildfire Occurrence
  10. Potential for Agriculture Conversion
  11. Identifying Trends in Agriculture Conversion in Oregon
  12. Renewable Energy Potential

  13. (Jeremy Roberts, Conservation Media)

  14. Renewable Energy Market Potential
  15. Habitat Connectivity
  16. Mid- to Broad-Scale Habitat Conditions and Trends for the Greater Sage-Grouse in Oregon
  17. Conservation Efforts Database
  18. LCDC Rule OAR 660-023-0115
  19. Local Ordinances
  20. ODFW Rule OAR 635-140-0000
  21. Datasets Used and Developed for the Action Plan