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Defining Oregon's Diverse Crops

Experimental Flat Wall Pears (OSU EESC)

Experimental Flat Wall Pears (OSU EESC)

Oregon's agricultural crops can be divided into two categories:

Horticultural Crops

Horticultural crops yield a high value of production per acre, high risk of loss due to weather, pests, and market variability, and the labor required for production, harvest and processing. In Oregon, many horticultural crops are produced under irrigation and on smaller, more diversified farms. Horticultural crops include tree fruits and nuts, berries, vegetables, vegetable seed, nursery and greenhouse stock.

Field Crops

Field crops require little hand labor for planting or harvest; these crops often can be held or shipped prior to processing. Field crops include grains, grass seed, dry beans, and sugar beets. Generally, they are produced on larger, less diversified operations.

Making Hay

Making Hay Tiffany Woods, OSU EESC)

Authored by: Linda Brewer, OSU Dept. of Agriculture