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***Silverlight based map viewers may only work in Internet Explorer or Firefox Extended Edition due to browsers changing support for Silverlight***

OWEB Investment Tracking Tool This tool allows you to explore how OWEB grant funding is distributed across the state. The tool provides basic information on grants in progress and those that have been completed (e.g. project...
Biodiversity Map Viewer Obtain meaningful information about important, sensitive, rare and listed forest species and habitats that could be found, or restored, on a landowner's property. View species and ecological...
Oregon 2020 Mapping tool to help collect bird data for Oregon.
Oregon Imagery Viewing and Extraction Tool

The Oregon Imagery Explorer Image Viewing and Extraction tool enables users to view, compare, stream, and download ...

Oregon Watershed Restoration Reporter Tool

Use this tool to report on total number of restoration projects and investments for Oregon and it's basins, subbasins, counties and watershed councils for a time period selected by the user....

Oregon Hazards Reporter

The Oregon Hazards Reporter allows you to access hazards data from multiple state and federal agencies, and to report on known hazards for specific areas.

Oregon Wildlife Viewer

The Oregon Wildlife Viewer is a tool to get specific wildlife species information for amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles and generate species lists for places in Oregon.

Details of...

Oregon Planner's Map Viewer Map viewer containing information to support land use planners, including: administrative boundaries, hazards, transportation, hydric soils, wetlands, protected areas, and more.
Oregon Zoning Map Dynamic map displaying zoning data from 169 local jurisdictions compiled by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.