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***Silverlight based map viewers may only work in Internet Explorer or Firefox Extended Edition due to browsers changing support for Silverlight***

GAP Land Cover Data Viewer The USGS Gap Analysis Program (GAP) created this online map viewer to display data on vegetation and land use across the United States. It includes seamless land cover data generated from the...
USDA Conservation Client Gateway Online portal for farmers, ranchers, and private forest landowners to access Farm Bill programs, request assistance and track payments for their conservation activities. Developed by the Natural...
Envision GIS-based tool for evaluating alternative scenarios at community and regional scales for integrated planning and environmental assessments.
Food Environment Atlas Get a spatial overview of community abilities to access healthy food at the USDA Economic Research Service's new Food Environment Atlas.
Net Migration Patterns for US Counties

Age-specific net-migration articles and statistics by county or state, for entire U.S., from University of Wisconsin-Madison Applied Population Lab.  Make maps and charts to visualize migration...

Oregon iMapInvasives

iMapInvasives is a comprehensive tool for online invasive species data management, with many aspects to appeal to natural resource managers, volunteers, and the public. Learn more from the...

US Census Bureau Flows Mapper

Migration flows, by age, sex, race, and Latino/Hispanic-origin, by county, for entire U.S., from U.S. Census Bureau

Conservation Registry

The Conservation Registry is a cooperative effort launched by Defenders of Wildlife and several conservation partners. Its online database tracks and maps various on-the-ground restoration and...

NatureServe Explorer

An online encyclopedia of life and database of plants, animals, and ecosystems of the United States and Canada. The NatureServe Explorer has in-depth coverage for rare and endangered species. Use...

ODFW Compass

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Centralized Oregon Mapping Products and Analysis Support System