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Oregon Explorer ATLAS Simple place-based mapping and charting of floodplains, demographics, habitat, land use, and more.
Communities Reporter Tool

The Communities Reporter is a unique resource for community practitioners as it links over 1000 places and 36 counties in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California to data gathered at the place,...

Oregon Watershed Restoration Tool

Access restoration project information and download data for Oregon Plan basins, subbasins or watershed councils. This tool was created in partnership with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (...

Oregon Farmers' Market Finder - Map Viewer

Looking for local fresh, farm grown produce, natural meats and cheese, or crafts? Whether you are planning a trip to Oregon, planning to move here, or already live here, this tool can help...

Century Farm and Ranch Database

The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program was established in 1958 to honor the state's rich agricultural heritage by awarding farm and ranch families with sesquicentennial and century-long...

Oregon Century Farms and Ranches Map Viewer Create maps of the number of century and sesquicentennial farms and ranches by county with the Oregon Explorer Map Viewer with the century farms and ranches theme selected.
Oregon Explorer Map Viewer- Theme: Add Community Data Map demographic, social and economic data from the Community Reporter Database in our Oregon Explorer Map Viewer. Select geography types, years and topics to map in an interactive display.
Oregon Explorer Map Viewer

With hundreds of map layers available to draw from, you can use the Oregon Explorer Map Viewer to make your own custom map and share it with others. If you need guidance,...

Pellet Map Project The Pellet Map Project is an Oregon State University Department of Integrative Biology project to map small mammal distributions through their avian predators.The major goal of Pellet Map Project is...
Sage Grouse Initiative: web map application

This web map application for the NRCS-funded Sage Grouse Initiative visualizes, distributes, and interactively analyzes spatial data produced by the Sage Grouse Initiative's science team.