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Article by Carol Savonen on how Oregon growers are finding new markets for specialty products. Oregon State University, Oregon's Agricultural Progress, Fall 2003.
This Defenders of Wildlife report is an economic and policy assessment of the biological effectiveness and economic efficiency of incentive mechanisms for private landowners to conserve U.S. biodiversity. Its focus is on rural lands that tend to be used for forestry, agriculture and residential...
Bruce Sorte, Paul Lewin and Pamela Opfer. Oregon State University Extension Service. Rural Studies Program, February 2011.
 This study links 15% of Oregon's economy to agriculture, despite both a declining number of farms and farmland acreage.
United States Department of Agriculture
 Forest Service, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry, (NA-IN-01-09), November 2008. 
 This publication is designed for landowners who think they might want to permanently protect some or all of their land from development, but aren...
This publication provides step by step information on estate planning. Written in partnership with University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Highland Communities Initiative, North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership. Learn more about this publication.
The research magazine for the OSU Agricultural Experiment Station.