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"Preparing for a Cascadia Subduction Zone Tsunami: A Land Use Guide for Oregon Coastal Communities prepared by the Oregon Department of Land...
A 2008 report from the Governors Climate Change Integration Group. Oregon Department of Energy. Salem, OR.
An introductory survey report designed to provide a “road map” to climate change adaptation information in Western developed countries.  Produced by...
Technical resource guide on flooding from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.
Document prepared by the Oregon Partners for Disaster Resistance and Resilience and published in the 2006 Risk Management Yearbook.
One-page fact sheet on how you can save your home by choosing to fire-safe your surrounding landscape. Created by the United States Fire...
The Oregon Forestland-Urban Interface Fire Protection Act (SB360) passed by the Oregon Legislature in 1997.
Check-list for making your home Fire Safe. Two-page color brochure developed by the Fire Safe Council.
A 2-page homeowner's guide to fire safe landscaping in brushland environments. Developed by the Fire Safe Council in 2008.
A 2-page homeowner's guide to fire safe landscaping in forestlands. Produced by the Fire Safe Council in 2008.