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Rivers, Streams, and Lakes

Rivers, Streams, and Lakes

Flowing water provides drinking water, irrigation, habitat for aquatic species and recreation opportunities across the state.

Articles & Stories

The Oregon Water Atlas is an aggregation and visualization of Oregon’s water data. It was created...
VIP Treatment: Rewarding Landowners for Riparian Stewardship: tells the story of a voluntary program
"Money in a Streambank" tells the story of a regulation-driven ecosystem services project.
The Metolius River originates from a spring near Black Butte, Oregon and flows north and east to...
Mirror Pond in the town of Bend(Oregon State University Archives) The Upper...

Maps and Tools

The Stream Function Assessment Method (SFAM) allows a rapid assessment of the functions and... more

Data Collections

The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is the central administrative agency of state... more