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One page document that describes how the Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer advanced map viewer can be used to update Community Wildfire Protection Plans in Oregon with US Forest Service data from the Pacific Northwest Quantitative Wildfire Risk Assessment and other datasets and tools.
Report prepared by Pyrologix for the U.S. Forest Service. The purpose of the USFS Pacific Northwest Region Wildfire Risk Assessment (PNRA) is to provide foundational information about wildfire hazard and risk to highly valued resources and assets across Oregon and Washington. A wildfire risk...
This U.S. Forest Service report presents a general framework with which to assess wildfire risk and explore mitigation options, and illustrates a process for implementing the framework. Prepared by Scott, Joe H.; Thompson, Matthew P.; Calkin, David E. 2013. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-315. U.S....
The Collaborative Directory is a USDA Forest Service publication that describes the 36 forest collaboratives operating in the Pacific Northwest Region. At least one forest collaborative group is linked to each of the national forests in the Pacific Northwest Region.
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) publication that summarizes the policy, fiscal and science challenges that land managers encounter related to the control and reduction of the invasive plant/fire complex, especially as it relates to the threaten or endangered species...
Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) publication commissioned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to assess threats the invasive plant-wildfire nexus poses to greater Sage-Grouse and its habitat. 47 pp.
Written for Josephine and Jackson Counties, but includes broadly applicable information about fire behavior, firefighting tactics, public regulated use closures, what to do in event of a wildfire and other topics.
A 2-page homeowner's guide to fire safe landscaping in grassland environments. Produced by the Fire Safe Council in 2008.
This brochure published by the U.S. Fire Administration provides information for homeowners about how to protect their home and property from wildfire. Wildfire: Are You Prepared? [FS-287] Federal Emergency Management Agency. U.S. Fire Administration, 2004.
One-page fact sheet on how you can save your home by choosing to fire-safe your surrounding landscape. Created by the United States Fire Administration, a division of FEMA.