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Geospatial Data

1:24K Fish Distribution and Habitat Data

From the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Natural Resources Information Management Program, this webpage provides access to fish distribution and habitat data at a 1:24,000 scale. Datasets include distribution and habitat GIS data and maps, fish barrier GIS data, and fish timing unit data tables and GIS data.


Abstract -- This data layer is a sub-set of the Agriculture Water Quality Management Areas. This sub-set covers the area of interest in the request from the Oregon Plan Monitoring Committee.. Purpose -- To show the Agriculture Water Quality Management Areas that are in the coastal coho ESU.

BLM and FS Restoration Activities for the Coho Coastal ESU

Abstract -- BLM and FS restoration activities for Oregon for 1998 through 2003. Purpose -- Special aggregation for the Coho Coastal ESU report.

Confined Animal Feeding Operation

Abstract -- This theme shows the active Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) for the state of Oregon in January 2004. Purpose -- This is a point shape file created to locate confined animal feeding operations. The point are identified by latitude & longitude from recreational GPS units.


Abstract -- Dam sites in Oregon.. Purpose -- Depict the approximate location of dams in the state of Oregon that the State has statutory authority over. These are dams that are greater than or equal to 10-feet in height and store greater than or equal to 9.2-acre-feet of water behind them.

EPA Surf Your Watershed

The EPA's Surf Your Watershed service can help you locate, use, and share environmental information about your state and watershed

Federal Geographic Data Committee Clearinghouse

This system manages and provides searchable access to a list of Z39.50 metadata servers located around the world. U.S. Maps & Data

The Geospatial Data Clearinghouse is a collection of over 250 spatial data servers located world wide

GIS Habitat Survey Dataset

From the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's Aquatic Inventories Project this webpage makes available stream survey data in GIS format.

Instream water rights

Abstract -- Instream water rights are water rights held in trust by the Oregon Water Resources Department to support public uses in streams and lakes. The Department approves in-stream water rights for fish protection, minimizing the effects of pollution or maintaining recreational uses. In-stream water rights establish flow levels to stay in a stream on a month-by-month basis and are usually set for a certain stream reach and measured at a specific point on the stream. Instream water rights have a priority date and are regulated in the same way as other water rights.

Network of Oregon Watershed Councils

The Network of Oregon Watershed Councils is dedicated to supporting the work of watershed councils throughout the state by increasing council capacity, improving key relationships and promoting public awareness of watersheds and watershed councils.

Northwest Forest Plan Interagency Regional Monitoring Program (NRIMP)s Aquatic and Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Program

This website is for the Aquatic and Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Program of the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP). It includes watershed condition monitoring information gathered as recently as 2004 for the purpose of assessing the status and trend of watershed attributes to determine if the NWFP Aquatic Conservation Strategy is achieving its goals of maintaining and restoring watersheds. Links provide access to Documents, Data, and Contacts. The Data section includes watershed specific data in a map-driven format with links to summary data tables, raw data tables, GIS layers, and site specific photos

Oregon Department of Administrative Services
The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) is the central administrative agency of state government. DAS works to effectively implement policy and financial decisions made by the Governor and the Oregon Legislature. DAS's Information Resources Management Division maintains the GEO Spatial Data Library (alphalist) which includes statewide geospatial data for the State of Oregon. DAS/GEO is also the sponsoring partner for the Oregon Spatial Data Library.
Oregon Fish Passage Barriers

Abstract -- This dataset contains barriers to fish passage that potentially affect anadromous and/or resident fish migration within the state of Oregon. The following barrier types are included: culverts, falls, cascade/gradient/velocity, hatchery facility-related, tide gate, debris jam, water diversion and insufficient flow. Data from the jointly developed, ODFW / ODOT State and County Culvert Inventory database were recently integrated into this dataset. The passage status for many of the barriers is unknown due to potential effects on species and/or life stages where little information exists at this time. Consequently, many of these barriers may be completely passable to most if not all the species and life stages that have a need to migrate through the affected stream reach. General information on the passability of barriers can be found in the primary attribute table of the dataset.

Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

This site allows you to download statewide geospatial data from a variety of sources

Oregon Spatial Data Library

Find, access, and share geospatial datasets, at no cost. Hundreds of datasets can be displayed and downloaded.

Oregon State University Libraries

OSU Libraries provide support to meet the informational, reference, and research needs of the faculty, staff, and students at Oregon State University and citizens around the state. This support is provided through the libraries' collection of more than 1.4 million volumes, 14,000 serials, and more than 500,000 maps and government documents, which comprises materials in all subject areas. OSU Libraries is a primary partner of the Explorer sites.

Oregon Water Resources Web Mapping Program

The Oregon Water Resources Web Mapping Program allows users to view water rights and other pertinent information such as ground water limited areas, water master districts, water availability basin, etc. It is maintained by the Oregon Water Resources Department.

Oregon Water Rights Information System

This system is a warehouse of information pertaining to water right applications, permits, certificates, transfers, leases and related information

Pacific Northwest Water Quality Data Exchange

The Pacific Northwest Water Quality Data Exchange comprises a number of related information management projects that collectively seek to facilitate the aggregation of and access to a comprehensive source of data related to water quality in the Pacific Northwest. The project is supported by funds allocated from the EPA Network Challenge Grant program, and with these projects, the States are applying the concepts embodied in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network.

Region 6 Forest Service Fish Passage Assessment

Abstract -- The Region 6 Forest Service surveyed about 3,800 culverts at road crossings to determine their accessibility to all life stages of fish. The survey covered all National Forest units in Oregon and Washington. Assessment results demonstrate that 15% of the culverts are barriers to adult salmon, 50% are barriers to resident fish, and 80% are barriers to juveniles. . Purpose -- To determine the extent of fish passage barriers at road crossings on National Forest lands in Oregon and Washington.

Stream gages

Abstract -- Gaging stations in Oregon (past and present). Purpose -- Depict the approximate location of all known stream, lake and canal gaging stations in the state of Oregon.

Streamflow restoration priority areas

Abstract -- The Water Resources Department and the Department of Fish and Wildlife jointly identified priority areas for streamflow restoration in basins throughout the state. These priority areas represent watersheds in which there is a combination of need and opportunity for flow restoration to support fish recovery efforts under the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds. WRD is focusing its efforts under the Oregon Plan on these priority areas.


Streamnet provides data and data services in support of the Pacific Northwest's fish and wildlife programs and other efforts to manage and restore the region's aquatic resources.

StreamNet GIS Data

StreamNet provides GIS coverages for a number of themes, such as fish distribution, hydrography, stream habitat and water quality, barriers, and other topics.

U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Information page

This site allows you to locate and download, or order a vast array of biological, geographic, geologic, and hydrologic scientific data collected or created by USGS scientists and partners