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Geospatial Data

The Oregon Wetlands Geodatabase consists of nine themes and associated tables listed and illustrated in the following table. The Wetlands Geodatabase will be updated periodically as additional material is compiled and incorporated. Primary components are: 1. Wetlands (vector data), compiled from NWI and many additional sources; 2. Hydric and other wetland soils, compiled from NRCS, USFS, and Weyerhaeuser; 3. Locations of sites enrolled in the NRCS Wetland Reserve Program; 4. Locations of approved wetland mitigation banks; 5. Wetland priority sites, to help with decision-making; 6. FEMA flood zone maps.

The data can be accessed either as:

  • A single geodatabase zip file, stored at the Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office (GEO) Spatial Data Library
  • Each of the nine layers is available individually from the Oregon Explorer Spatial Data Library look for 'Oregon Wetlands Cover' under the BioScience framework data. For other layers enter 'wetlands' as a search term
  • Individual layers can also be used on the Oregon Explorer Map Viewer
Layer Description Thumbnail Image
Wetlands in Oregon Statewide polygon cover of wetlands. Sources: NWI (replaced where better data are available), approved Local Wetland Inventories (ODSL), and miscellaneous wetland mapping by state and federal agencies, NGOs, academia, and consultants. Conforms with Oregon Wetland Mapping Standard.
Oregon Wetland Soils Statewide polygon cover of hydric, partially hydric, and related wetland soils. Sources: NRCS soil surveys (where available), USFS Soil Resource Inventories, USFS wildlife habitat mapping, Weyerhaeuser Company. Current version February 2009.
Oregon Soil Survey Boundaries (All Sources) Boundaries of NRCS and other soil surveys available for Oregon. Also shows areas with no available soils information.
Oregon Soil Survey Boundaries (NRCS) Boundaries of all published NRCS soil surveys in Oregon.
Oregon Wetland Reserve Program Statewide polygon cover of sites currently registered in the NRCS Wetland Reserve Program (WRP). Source: NRCS.
Oregon Wetland Mitigation Banks Statewide polygon cover of current wetland mitigation banks. Sources: ODSL, ODOT.
Wetland Priority Sites Polygon cover of wetlands in five pilot basins with concentrations of important wetland habitats and opportunities for enhancement and restoration. Sources: Willamette Synthesis project (The Nature Conservancy), with subsequent modifications by INR, ORBIC, and The Wetlands Conservancy. NOTE: Wetland Priority Sites are for planning purposes only and do not imply approval by any state or federal wetland regulatory agency.
Oregon Flood Zones Statewide polygon cover of currently recognized flood zones. Sources: FEMA Q3 Flood Data, merged with ongoing updates to the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer. NOTE: dataset is intended solely for use in ecological modeling, and should not be used to identify flood zone hazards or determine flood insurance risks and rates.
Oregon Wetland Inventory Boundaries Statewide polygon cover of boundaries of local or regional wetland inventories. Sources: approved Local Wetland Inventories (ODSL) and other inventories such as Natural Resource Inventories.
Cowardin Code Look-up table Lookup table for straightforward extraction of information embedded in Cowardin codes, such as water regime, hydrologic alteration, and wetland class. Not Available (Tabular Data)
Oregon Wetland Mapping Standard Look-up tables Lookup tables for encoded values specified by the Oregon Wetland Mapping Standard, Draft Version 2.0. While the file geodatabase has the encoded values captured in Domains, the tables are provided for reference. Not Available (Tabular Data)

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Compiled by John A. Christy, Portland State University-INR, and John Bauer, The Wetlands Conservancy (2012).