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The Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol (ORWAP) is a standardized method for rapidly assessing the functions and values of wetlands. The ORWAP tool provides site-specific information needed to answer a small but important subset of ORWAPs 140 indicator questions. It also allows ORWAP users to upload completed assessments. The entire ORWAP protocol (manual, spreadsheets, data forms, policy guidance) can be viewed or downloaded from the Department of State Lands website.

The Oregon Wetlands geodatabase is for planning and research purposes only. It is an estimation of the occurrence and extent of wetlands in Oregon, and does not necessarily map all wetlands or represent wetlands that are subject to Federal or State jurisdiction. It should not be used as a substitute for a wetland determination or delineation performed by a qualified wetland specialist. Many polygons in the base NWI dataset and supplementary data added to the Oregon Wetlands Cover were derived only from aerial photo interpretation and may or may not meet wetland criteria in the field. Per current Federal and Oregon Wetland Mapping Standards, the Oregon Wetlands cover is "neither designed, nor intended, to support legal, regulatory, or jurisdictional analyses of wetland mapping products, nor does it attempt to differentiate between regulatory and non-regulatory wetlands." The Oregon Wetlands cover is also not intended to be a hydrography dataset, and it should not be used to infer hydrologic connectivity, or lack thereof, between wetland polygons.

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