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The Oregon Conservation Strategy

Oregon is a land of diversity. However, in the face of rapid development and altered landscapes, the work of maintaining the health of our wildlife populations falls to all Oregonians. To ensure that our natural heritage is conserved and to help guide the work of citizens, Oregon has developed a Conservation Strategy. The Conservation Strategy charts a course for the long-term conservation of Oregon's fish and wildlife. It identifies how all Oregonians can become involved through a non-regulatory, statewide approach to conservation.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff led development of the Strategy working with a diverse coalition of Oregonians including scientists, conservation groups, landowners, extension services, anglers, hunters, and representatives from agriculture, forestry and rangelands.

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Study sheds light on Siuslaw River fall Chinook How many Chinook salmon make their way back to the Siuslaw River in the fall? That is a question important not only to anglers on Oregon’s north coast but also for fisheries as far away as British Columbia and Alaska..

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