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Oregon Amphibians


Frog (Brome McCreary)

Frogs, toads, and salamanders comprise Oregon's amphibian fauna. There are 32 species of amphibian known from the state, including one nonnative species, the bullfrog. Descriptions of the 12 native frogs can also be found on the ODFW Conservation Strategy frogs and toads at home in Oregon web site.

Many of these species have shown declines in populations and nearly three-quarters of them are included on the list of at-risk species by the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center in their publication of rare, threatened and endangered species of Oregon. There are still many unanswered questions about their life history, distribution, threats, and habitat requirements and additional research and monitoring studies are needed to aid in the conservation of these species. Please see Dr. Titus' University of Oregon Web site for list of amphibians and reptiles of Oregon.

Authored by: Eric Scheuering, INR Zoology Data Manager, and Kuuipo Walsh, INR Faculty Research Assistant (2008)