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  1. CRAG and land use

  2. Talks on Comprehensive Plans and Land Use

  3. Interim Regional Land Use Plan

  4. Gateway Gardens Site Analysis

    The Gateway Gardens Site Analysis takes a comprehensive look at a largely-vacant land area in Portland’s Gateway District. Currently owned by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the 38-acre site...

  5. Journal Building Site Use Committee

  6. Portland City Council Agenda May 30, 2001

  7. Getting Green to Work in the Northwest Industrial District

    Forest Park and its surrounding watershed experience measurable environmental problems such as urban heat island impacts, increased storm water runoff containing pollutants, fragmentations of habitat...

  8. "Land-use planning: alternatives for the future"

  9. A Road Map for Accessible, Affordable and Adaptable Broadband Telecommunications in Portland

    Portland needs to plan for broadband development and take steps to ensure these plans are implemented. In order to implement Portland's land use and economic development goals, broadband must be accessible to...

  10. Hosford-Abernethy Bicycle and Pedestrian Connections: An Alternative Routes Analysis Linking SE Clinton Street and the...

    SE Clinton is a popular bicycle route for commuter, utilitarian and recreational bicyclists that fails to provide a safe and direct connection to the Eastbank Esplanade and downtown Portland. Furthermore,...