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Wildfire Risk

ArcFuels Fuels Treatment Planning Tool



ArcFuels is a library of ArcGIS macros that facilitates application of models such as FlamMap and FVS for developing and testing fuel treatment scenarios at stand and landscape scales. The macros also provide linkages between fire models and desktop database and spreadsheet software.

ArcFuels automates much of the data manipulation in the SPOT and Fireshed planning process used by the USFS to design fuel treatment projects, allowing for rapid design and evaluation of fuel management scenarios. ArcFuels integrates GIS analyses with spatial analyses for fuel treatment planning. The library is distributed as an ArcMap project file (.mxd) and is implemented on custom toolbars on the ArcMap interface.

Key functionality includes:

  • Interactive linkage between digital imagery, vegetation data, wildfire models, and SVS, providing a map-based tool for data validation and design of stand fuel treatments;
  • Spatial interface to FVS for landscape analysis
  • Rapid scale-up of stand-specific treatments to simulate project-wide changes in vegetation and fuels
  • FlamMap landscape file generation from ArcGIS grids (e.g. Landfire data) and FVS outputs
  • FVS prescription analysis - find the optimal prescription to meet multiple management goals

ArcFuels downloads and install instructions, information about upcoming Arcfuels workshops, case study papers, and related web links are available at the Western Wildlands Environmental Threat Assessment Center website.