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Collective Groups

Conservation Opportunity Areas

Although conservation actions taken throughout the state can help fish and wildlife, focusing investments on priority landscapes can increase likelihood of long-term success over larger areas, improve funding efficiency, and promoting cooperative efforts across ownership boundaries. Conservation Opportunity Areas are landscapes where broad fish and wildlife conservation goals could best be met. Working in these landscapes can increase effectiveness of conservation actions at larger scales than can individual projects scattered throughout the state.

Conservation Opportunity Area Art

heron (Ryan Wood); butterfly (© Bruce Newhouse)

Over time, voluntary conservation actions consistent with local priorities and existing plans will be carried out within these Conservation Opportunity Areas by a variety of partners (e.g., landowners, land managers, watershed councils, local land trusts, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and so on). The impact of these conservation actions on Strategy Species and Habitats will be monitored. Through this process, additional information will be gained on the habitat elements of importance to Strategy Species.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation Strategy Tools page provides access to Conservation Strategy related information.

Compiled from the The Oregon Conservation Strategy by John Ame, science writer.