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Reptiles and Amphibians

Conservation Strategy Amphibians

A total of 14 amphibans were identified as strategy species in the Conservation Strategy. They are listed below. Click on their names to see their information in the wildlife viewer.

View the conservation strategy (1 MB PDF file) for these species showing the ecoregional distributions, special needs, limiting factors, data gaps and recommended conservation actions.

The conservation strategy also identifies voluntary measures which will generally help all amphibian species. These are:

  • Maintain water levels and vegetation buffers at major breeding sites.
  • Install amphibian-friendly culverts or drift fences at problem road crossings near major breeding sites.
  • Manage recreation to minimize impacts to sensitive shoreline sites and inform the recreating public about the importance of minimizing shoreline impacts.
  • Manage vegetation where vegetation height and density interferes with breeding.
  • Control bullfrogs and invasive fish at priority sites.
  • Maintain downed wood, especially large logs.