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Deschutes Basin Outreach and Planning

Community outreach and education activities provide an opportunity to connect local communities to specific watershed restoration issues and projects, and to learn about the outdoors and wildlife. For example, local volunteers may participate in streamside planting projects, river clean-ups or collaborative planning efforts designed to integrate community priorities into watershed restoration. In the Deschutes Basin, there are both youth and adult outreach and education programs. The youth programs focus on engaging students in the act of watershed management, including learning about key issues, developing restoration plans and implementing projects. This approach provides students with a very tangible way to connect to their local rivers and streams. Adult programs often focus on volunteerism, including planting and monitoring projects in which community members can help with the implementation of restoration projects in the area.

The High Desert Museum located south of Bend provides a variety of engaging learning opportunities from school group tours to discovery classes for all ages. In addition, teachers can find pre-visit activities and other educator resources on the Web site.

As part of Oregon State University's land and sea grant mission, the Extension Service provides education and outreach programs across the state. The Master Watershed Steward and Oregon Watershed Weeks are just some of the many focused on natural resources.