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Documenting The Drought: Mitigating the effects in Oregon (Introduction)

This is one of four videos in the series "Documenting the Drought: Mitigating the Effects in Oregon." Oregon Sea Grant created them in response to the state’s 2015 drought. The videos show how certain business practices, farming techniques and riparian management strategies are better poised to tolerate dry spells in Oregon. In this video, Bill Buhrig, a crops specialist with the Oregon State University Extension Service in Malheur County, talks about planting varieties of crops, like corn, that mature faster. Buhrig also describes efforts by the Owyhee and Vale Oregon irrigation districts to conserve and extend the summer water supply by automating headgates and replacing open-ditch canal systems with gravity-fed, pressurized water via buried pipes. The video also features Jay Chamberlin, manager of the Owyhee Irrigation District, and Dana Tuckness, owner of Tuckness Farms, a wheat and row crop farm near Ontario.

Produced by: John Stevenson, Oregon Sea Grant climate specialist with the Oregon State University Extension Service
Edited and shot by: Vanessa Ciccone, Oregon Sea Grant videographer

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