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Coast Range



Estuaries are places where the ocean and river mingle to create a dynamic, diverse, and highly productive environment. Plants and animals thrive in this unique environment driven by sunlight and the daily tides. Humans, too, are drawn to the estuary to harvest food, travel on its waters, and claim the flat lands for the purposes of civilization.

Twenty-two cities, seven counties and thirteen port districts have planning or management responsibilities for Oregon's major estuaries. Counties, in coordination with cities and port authorities, have the overall responsibility for preparing management plans for their respective estuaries. Administration of those plans is done by the relevant cities and counties as part of their overall comprehensive planning responsibilities. Port districts support development and maintenance of navigation improvements for water-oriented industry and commerce, as well as commercial fishing and recreational boating and fishing. Ports also play a key role in planning and implementing economic development strategies for the areas they serve.

Compiled by John Ame, Science Writer (2008)


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