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Wildfire Risk

Fire Safe Construction

Fire Safe Construction

Fire Safe Construction Guidelines:

  • Build your home away from ridge tops, canyons, and areas between high points on a ridge.
  • Build your home at least 30 feet from your property line.
  • Box your eaves.
  • Use fire-resistant building materials.
  • Enclose the underside of balconies and above-ground decks with fire resistant materials.
  • Limit the size and number of windows in your home that face large areas of vegetation.
  • Install only dual-paned or triple-paned windows.
  • Consider sprinkler systems within the house. They may protect your home while you're away or prevent a house fire from spreading into the wildlands.

Wildfire-Safe New Construction Tips (PDF): Information about roofing, exterior wall, and siding materials and other aspects of fire safe construction.

Replace Your Roofing With Fire Safe Materials (PDF): Information on the FEMA website.

Build/Remodel to Fire Safe Your House