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Wildfire Risk

Fire Safe Landscaping

Fire Safe Landscaping

Homeowners typically landscape their properties with a variety of plants to provide variation in color, texture and foliage.

Homeowners in fire-prone areas should make sure that the plants and landscaping materials they use are fire resistant. A fire safe landscape shows off plants and other garden elements by leaving space between plants and groups of plants.

Resources for Fire Safe Landscaping

Fire Resistant Plants for Oregon Landscapes: Provides a diverse list of groundcovers, perennials, evergreen shrubs, deciduous shrubs, and conifer & deciduous trees that are both attractive and fire-resistant. All plants listed do well in Oregon- some are coded for specific regions of the state. PDF version.

Firewise Homeowners: Information about firewise landscape design, plant selection, plant grouping and location, and irrigation systems. Includes QuickTime movie clips of discussions with landscape professionals.

Living With Fire: The most popular self-help guide for wildland/urban interface residents. Millions of copies are in distribution, including dozens of regional versions.

This version was adapted specifically for Pacific Northwest residents. It includes fire behavior information incorporating vegetative fuels, topography, and weather factors specific to Oregon and Washington.

It also includes fire safe landscaping information and plant-care advice specific to shrubs and trees commonly found in Pacific Northwest wildlands and nurseries.

Also available as a 12-page PDF.

Fire Safe Landscaping: Brushland (PDF): 2-page brochure of detailed information specific to landscaping in brushland environments.

Fire Safe Landscaping: Timberland (PDF): 2-page color brochure of detailed information specific to timberland environments.

Fire Safe Landscaping: Grassland (PDF): 2-page color brochure of detailed information specific to grassland environments.

Homeowner Checklist (PDF): How to make your home Fire Safe. 2-page color brochure.

Fire Safe Landscaping Factsheet (PDF): 1-page printable factsheet put out by the United States Fire Administration, a division of FEMA.

Get Ready for Wildfire Season (PDF): 2-page color brochure.

Fire Safe Landscaping has a number of recommendations for making your property more fire resistant.