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Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4), Volume 2 (2018)

The Fourth National Climate Assessment report has two volumes. Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States was published in 2018. This second volume focuses on the human welfare, societal, and environmental elements of climate change and variability for the nation and it's regions and provides examples of actions underway in communities across the United States to reduce the risks associated with climate change, increase resilience, and improve livelihoods. Source: USGCRP, 2018: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States: Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II [Reidmiller, D.R., C.W. Avery, D.R. Easterling, K.E. Kunkel, K.L.M. Lewis, T.K. Maycock, and B.C. Stewart (eds.)]. U.S. Global Change Research Program, Washington, DC, USA. doi: 10.7930/NCA4.2018.
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