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Hatchery Coho Releases

Abstract -- The excel spreadsheet data file associated with this report summarizes releases of hatchery coho juveniles in the Oregon Coast Coho ESU for the period 1990 through 2003. The data is reported by release year and is summarized at 3 geographic levels; by population, by monitoring area, and total for the ESU. Juvenile hatchery coho releases are grouped into 3 size classes; unfed fry, fry/fingerlings, and smolts (see below for definitions). Data for the 1980 through 1989 release years is included for the ESU totals, monitoring area totals, and for the Yaquina, Siuslaw and Coos populations. . Purpose -- Releases numbers for hatchery coho in the Oregon Coast ESU, 1980 to 2003. See "Definitions" page in spreadsheet.