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Hinkle Creek Paired Watershed


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What do you get when you combine the latest forestry management practices, scientific research and 5,000 acres of forest in the Cascade foothills of Southern Oregon? You get a vast and unique outdoor learning laboratory and the chance to study the effects of forestry practices on watershed ecosystems.  The Hinkle Creek Paired Watershed is a research forest located within 20 miles of Interstate-5 and a 45-minute drive from Roseburg.  It is owned by Roseburg Forest Products and is the site of a major research project led by Oregon State University and other private, state and federal groups.

The project is called a "paired watershed study" because it compares the ecology and streams in two basins with similar topography and soils but different forest management.  North Fork Hinkle Creek is a commercial forest managed for timber harvest and South Fork Hinkle Creek is a control forest left untouched by harvesting.  Researchers want to understand whether the current rules that govern timber management provide the right amount of protection for fish and amphibians and their habitat.  The project uses the latest stream research techniques such as radio tag studies of fish and state-of-the-art measurements of stream flow and temperature.

Watch the video 'Inquiry at Hinkle Creek' for a full-coverage description of the project.  The video was produced by the Oregon Forestry Resources Institute and has a  companion Web site that offers teachers a wide range of educational activities related to the science at Hinkle Creek, all aligned to state educational standards.  For more information about site visits, contact Dan Newton from Roseburg Forest Products.

Authored by The Institute for Natural Resources (2008)