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Wildfire Risk

Home Protection Guidelines




Homeowners in wildland-urban interface areas can take a number of steps to increase their readiness if a wildfire breaks out.

  • Eliminate all flammable materials (potential fuels) within 10 feet of the house
  • Consider any wood roof flammable; wet the whole roof frequently
  • Remove flammable materials away from decks or boardwalks - if it's connected to the house, consider it part of the house.
  • Remove pine needles from gutters and the roof.
  • Staple metal window screening over any openings or gaps including low decks, walkways and crawl spaces
  • If possible, place sprinklers to wet the area around the house especially within 60 feet of the house
  • Reduce or eliminate surface fuels starting at the house to within 100 feet of the house and prune lower limbs of trees at least 8 feet above the ground
  • Remove fuels from around propane tanks
Wildland-urban interface home; Bob Nichols, USDA

Wildland-urban interface home; Bob Nichols, USDA

Other Guidelines To Help You Protect Your Home

The Oregon Department of Forestry Home Wildfire Safety page offers several ways to reduce risk of wildfire when burning debris, using your barbeque, starting a campfire and more.

Homeowner Checklist (PDF): How to make your home Fire Safe. 2-page color brochure.

Backyard Debris Burning - how to do it safely: tips from Keep Oregon Green to ensure you have a safe and effective debris burn.