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Wildfire Risk

Keeping Current with Risk Assessment

Keeping Current with Risk Assessment

Wildfire risk factors are complex and dynamic. Filling data gaps and keeping databases current are major challenges, so refining the Oregon Communities at Risk assessment and local CWPPs will involve sustained efforts at many levels.

Managers must often proceed with wildfire planning in the absence of perfect knowledge, but with increased attention on wildfire, newer and better information is becoming available.

For example, LANDFIRE (Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools Project) vegetation data will soon be incorporated into the “hazard” section of the statewide assessment. At the same time, many local groups are working to improve existing CWPPs. These efforts are designed as “living” documents to accommodate this new knowledge.

Acquiring new data and sharing information products among community, state and federal-level wildfire planners are the keys to keeping wildfire risk assessments valid. Communities are encouraged to revisit and update their CWPPs after any wildfire that could change hazard mitigation priorities and strategies.

The Wildfire Risk Explorer facilitates these efforts by providing an information clearinghouse where citizens and communities, and wildfire agencies and planners can share and improve knowledge about wildfire risk in Oregon.