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National Wetland Monitoring

The National Wetland Condition Assessment is a multiyear program that utilizes U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Status and Trends plot locations as the foundation for sampling the nations wetlands. The goal is to produce a national baseline that describes the current quality of wetlands to be compared against in future wetland evaluations, and to build momentum among state wetland programs and tribes to develop and implement their own monitoring programs. The National Wetland Inventory can also be utilized for some long-term monitoring analyses because you can observe changes in the wetlands from the air photos and maps over the years that it has been active. The website addresses below provide a continuing updates on the latest in National Wetland Monitoring.

U.S. EPA State Wetlands Program U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
 Habitat map of the Chetco Estuary

Habitat map of the Chetco Estuary (courtesy of Oregon State University Libraries' Scanned Maps Collection)
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Compiled by Heather Stout, Project Manager, Oregon Wetlands Explorer (2009)