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Wildfire Risk

Oregon Communities at Risk - Assessment and Planning

Land management agencies, fire service professionals, and communities facing the threat of wildfires all recognize the importance of prioritizing actions to mitigate wildfire risk.  These actions include projects to reduce accumulated wildfire fuels in WUI areas, and efforts to help citizens reduce the flammability of their properties.

Information about relative risk levels in different areas across the state is critical to targeting limited resources toward areas that are at greatest risk.

To help meet these needs, Oregon has completed a statewide assessment and list of Communities at Risk for wildfire. The assessment applied a consistent methodology across Oregon's many jurisdictions so that state-level analysis and comparisons are possible. Oregon Department of Forestry will maintain and periodically update the assessment and its supporting database.

Many Oregon communities also continue to develop their own wildfire risk assessments using a variety of methods.  Community-driven assessments capture fine-scale, up to date information and knowledge about local fire conditions and history, values at risk and protection capabilities.