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Oregon Conservation Strategy: Blueprint for Statewide Conservation

Meadowlark (courtesy of U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service)

The Conservation Strategy charts a course for the long-term conservation of Oregon's fish and wildlife. It identifies how all Oregonians can become involved through a non-regulatory, statewide approach to conservation.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff led development of the Strategy working with a diverse coalition of Oregonians including scientists, conservation groups, landowners, extension services, anglers, hunters, and representatives from agriculture, forestry and rangelands.

The Strategy emphasizes proactively conserving declining species and habitats to reduce the possibility of future federal or state listings and regulations. It is a strategy for all of Oregon, offering potential roles and opportunities for residents, agencies and organizations. Importantly, it establishes the basis for a common understanding of the challenges facing Oregon's fish and wildlife and provides a shared set of priorities for addressing the state's conservation needs.