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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife NRIMP Data Clearinghouse

In an effort to make Oregon's Natural Resource information more accessible, NRIMP (Natural Resource Information Management Program) has created NRIMP's Data Clearinghouse website. This website will provide a centralized accumulation and dispersal exchange of natural resource data. This increased availability of data will support the Oregon Plan Assessment process, as well as other resource management efforts. The Data Clearinghouse website houses statewide reports such as watershed assessments and rapid bioassessments, data, GIS maps, and other natural resource information, especially those which are OWEB (Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board) funded, from Watershed Councils, or many other agencies. Along with NRIMP of ODFW (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife), this unified effort was done in coordination with OWEB, and INR (Institute for Natural Resources) at Oregon State University (OSU)