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Oregon Lakes, Reservoirs, Ponds, and Puddles Database

This dataset compares the published information about Oregon water bodies with their appearance in Google Earth.  The review confirms the existing records for most of the listed lakes and reservoirs, but has also found some discrepancies or questions about names, locations, continued existence, and the like.  With a logical remedy suggested for these questions, the database becomes a very good resource to refer to first, when it is necessary to check what is thought to be known about a particular water body.  The nearly 6000 entries make it likely the desired reference will be included.

While the dataset is a stand-alone document, the Reference section is coded as follows:

            AOL = Atlas of Oregon Lakes.

            FIO = Fishing in Oregon, 11th edition, by Madelynne Sheehan.

            GS1-6 = 6 volume USGS series, Lakes of Oregon.

            L = Larson & Donaldson, Compilation of the named lakes in Oregon.

            ODFW = trout stocking schedules & maps of Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

            OGN = Oregon Geographical Names, by Lewis A. & Lewis L. McArthur.

            OR WRD = dam inventory & basin maps of the Oregon Water Resources Department.

            T! = topographical maps published by National Geographic in v3.4.3, Ó2004.  US Public Land Survey designations are drawn from this version.

This work is a snapshot look at the lakes and reservoirs in Oregon.  It is meant to be refined as better information becomes available, and updated as water bodies in the state are added and drained.

The dataset is assembled in Access 2007.  There is a single Table, four Queries, and three Reports currently formatted.  The complete dataset will appear as a Report by sequentially calling up the Table and the Conference Query and Report.   The other Queries and Reports have been used to produce single county Reports, but can be simply modified for other column headings, such as Basin or Elevation.

Roger Edwards

Oregon Lakes Association

May 2015