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Oregon Watershed Restoration Tool

Access restoration project information and download data for Oregon Plan basins, subbasins or watershed councils. This tool was created in partnership with the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) to show the locations of and information from the Oregon Watershed Restoration Inventory (OWRI) Database and Fish Passage Inventory data. After you have launched the tool, a map of Oregon will appear. On the left, you will see instructions on how to find project data. On the map, squares denote the locations of completed restoration projects and diamonds and circles denote locations of barriers to fish passage. By clicking on a location, you will be presented with some findings, or attributes, from the projects. DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this visualization tool is current as of Oregon Watershed Restoration Inventory's most recent calls for data.  Only those restoration projects with spatial attributes appear in the tool. Information about projects lacking spatial attributes can be accessed through the OWRI database.