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Oregon's 2020 Biennial Energy Report

The Oregon Department of Energy's Biennial Energy Report (BER) is developed every even-numbered year to inform local, state, regional, and federal energy policy development, energy planning, and energy investments.  612 pp.

The 2020 Biennial Energy Report includes sections on:

  1. Energy by the Numbers - a focus on the metrics and data available to track how Oregon produces, purchases, and uses various types of energy
  2. Energy 101 - a primer on how energy is used, produced and transformed
  3. Energy 101: Electricity transmission - an overview of transmission lines in Oregon and the northwest region
  4. Energy 101: Energy facility siting and permitting - an overview of the siting process and introduction to the Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSC)
  5. Policy brief: Off-shore wind - insights on emerging energy trends, opportunities, and barriers in the off shore wind energy sector. This is one of eighteen policy briefs featured within the BER.
Resource Date: 
November 2020