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Partnership for Coastal Watersheds

The Partnership for Coastal Watersheds is a collaborative community-driven project guided by a diverse group of community-spirited local citizens and technical advisors.  Staff from the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and the Coos Watershed Association serve as project facilitators.  

Geographically focused on areas surrounding the Coos estuary, the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds’ mission is to collaborate to understand local watershed conditions and address their capacity and resiliency to serve ecological, economic, and social needs for present and future generations.

In Phase 1 of the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds (2010-2012), which focused on the South Slough and coastal frontal watersheds areas, the Partnership Steering Committee developed:
  • A Community Vision which articulates the community’s ideal environmental and socio-economic conditions in 20 years
  • A State of the Watersheds assessment which characterizes status and trends of environmental attributes and socio-economic conditions in the project area; and 
  • An Action Plan which describes what the community can do to address the environmental and socio-economic conditions that impede progress towards the community vision
Phase 2 of the Partnership for Coastal Watersheds, which began in January 2013 and is focused on the larger Coos estuary and its direct tributaries, will develop the following projects:
  • The Coos Estuary Inventory Project, an in-depth assessment of environmental and socio-economic status and trends,   
  • The Estuary Monitoring Tools and Indicators Project, a set of monitoring tools to track and model estuary conditions over time, including a hydrodynamic model of the Coos estuary and an indicators program, and 
  • Implementation of the Phase 1 Action Plan

Authored by Jennifer Schmitt, Assistant Coordinator/Data Manager, South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve 2013

Phase 1 Documents:

State of the South Slough
and Coastal Frontal Watersheds

1st Edition, Fall 2012

Action Plan

1st Edition, Fall 2012

Community Vision

Dec, 2011

Project Evaluation

Oct, 2012

Collaboration Feasibility Report

Aug, 2010

Collaboration Compact

June, 2011

Phase 2 Documents:

Phase 2 Overview

Aug, 2013

Coos Estuary Inventory Project at a Glance

Aug, 2013