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Sage-Grouse Development Siting Tool

The Sage-Grouse Development Siting Tool is an interactive application that allows prospective developers in Oregon to input a project footprint and access information about potential project impacts and mitigiation requirements specific to the area. The tool utilizes best available remotely-sensed data on existing development, vegetation condition, and other land uses to provide information to help developers minimize biological impacts and project costs within and adjacent to sage-grouse habitat. Prospective developers must contact the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) to discuss and implement appropriate avoidance/minimization measures and determine official project impacts to sage-grouse habitat and subsequent mitigation responsibilities. Full text of the applicable rules for development in sage-grouse habitat can be found here:

For information about siting considerations for other wildlife species in Oregon besides sage-grouse see the ODFW COMPASS tool, or find more information about the ODFW Greater Sage-grouse mitigation program. For questions related to these rules please contact your local ODFW District.

Tool sponsored by ODFW.

Resource Date: 
December 2017