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SageCon Data

Image of sage-grouse data viewerSageCon Landscape Planning Tool

The SageCon Landscape Planning Tool is a web-based interactive map that allows anyone to view, explore and download spatial data related to sage-grouse habitat and threats in Oregon. The Viewer includes a wide range of datasets, from vegetation condition to themes rating areas in terms of fire and invasives threat, biodiversity significance, and energy development potential. Supplemental data layers are included in the Viewer such as previous wildfire perimeters, seasonal sage-grouse habitat, and sage-grouse habitat management boundaries. Users can also conduct customized querying and reporting to identify areas that meet user-defined criteria for targeting their work in southeastern Oregon.

Rangeland Vegetation Map Products

Many rangeland vegetation products are available throughout the west - see the curated list of products available in Oregon and across the West. See the Rangeland Assessment and Management Tools resource page for more resources and examples of using maps in rangeland management. In addition, the SageCon Partnership has developed synthesis maps for targeted purposes. These synthesis maps include:

  • The Threat-Based Land Management (TBLM) Ecostate Time Series maps depict change in Oregon rangeland condition from the mid-1980s to present. TBLM (also called threat models) provides a simplified framework for land managers to efficiently identify, communicate and address the landscape-level threats of invasive annual grasses, wildfire and juniper encroachment in sagebrush rangelands. The most recent Ecostate Map, depicting conditions from 2015-2019, can be used for current condition assessment, and the full time series can be used to evaluate change over time in Oregon rangelands. See the Ecostate Time Series overview for more information. The full set of maps will be available to view from the SageCon Landscape Planning Tool and download directly in mid-April.
  • The SageCon Invasives Initiative released geographic strategy maps in October 2020 for addressing invasive annual grasses in Oregon rangelands. The invasives geographic strategy provides landscape context for the management of annual grasses and can be used to help "defend and grow the core" for proactive management. More information can be found on the Invasives Initiative webpage and data can be downloaded directly.

Other Downloadable Sage-Grouse Data

Download links for selected sage-grouse data layers are shown below. A broader suite of SageCon data can also be viewed and downloaded through the SageCon Landscape Planning Tool.


Authored by Megan Creutzburg, Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University (2020)