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SageCon Data

Image of sage-grouse data viewer

The SageCon Landscape Planning Tool is a web-based interactive map that allows anyone to view, explore and download spatial data related to sage-grouse habitat and threats in Oregon. The Viewer includes a wide range of datasets, from vegetation condition to themes rating areas in terms of fire and invasives threat, biodiversity significance, and energy development potential. Supplemental data layers are included in the Viewer such as previous wildfire perimeters, seasonal sage-grouse habitat, and sage-grouse habitat management boundaries. Ongoing work in 2019 will add customized querying and reporting functions, allowing users to identify areas that meet user-defined criteria. This will allow partners to better target their work and make use of spatial data, even if they don't have advanced GIS skills.

Southeast Oregon Vegetation Composition Map 

A new map of rangeland vegetation composition in Oregon was released in 2018. The map summarizes vegetation composition by threat-based model ecostate, functional groups, and by common species. Click the link below to download the full vegetation dataset and documentation, or view the map summarized by ecostate in the SageCon Landscape Planning Tool.

Southeast Oregon Vegetation Map

Other Downloadable Sage-Grouse Data

A list of selected downloadable layers is shown below. A broader suite of SageCon data can also be viewed and downloaded through the Sage-Grouse Data Viewer.

Priority Areas for Conservation (PACs)
Low Density Habitat
Oregon Sagebrush Reporting Units (SRUs)
Land Ownership and Management Allocation
Oregon Counties with Sage-Grouse Habitat
SageCon Planning Area Boundary


Authored by Megan Creutzburg, Institute for Natural Resources, Oregon State University (2018)