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SageCon Landscape Planning Tool

The SageCon Landscape Planning Tool is an Oregon Explorer web-based mapping application that allows the public to access up-to-date data layers related to Sage-Grouse habitat and threats in Oregon. Users can view data for the entire Sage-Grouse range in Oregon, or navigate to their location of interest, while advanced users can download data for analysis. The Viewer includes a suite of theme-based scores that rate areas across eastern Oregon by their habitat viability, fire and invasives threat, biodiversity significance, and energy development potential. Each theme consists of multiple indicator datasets which are also included in the Viewer. Supplemental data layers are included in the Viewer such as vegetation condition, previous wildfire perimeters, seasonal sage-grouse habitat, and sage-grouse habitat management boundaries.

Work is in progress to build querying and reporting functions to support restoration and conservation planning activities in Oregon, with an updated tool available in early 2019.

Resource Date: 
October 2017