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SageCon Web Tools


  • Landscape Planning Tool Logo

    View, download, and query data related to sagebrush in Oregon using a web-based interactive map

  • Development Siting Tool Logo

    Get information about siting development in southeastern Oregon and mitigation for sage-grouse

  • Development Registry Logo

    Track current levels of human development in mapped sage-grouse habitat in Oregon


More Tools and Resources

  • SageCon Dashboard Logo

    Status, trends and ongoing work under the Oregon Sage-Grouse Action Plan

  • Rangeland Map Products Logo

    Tools and resources for rangeland assessment and management

  • Compass Tool Logo

    Access Oregon wildlife data through the ODFW Compass web tool

  • SageCon Partnership Logo

    Find out more information about the SageCon Partnership


Regional Tools and Resources


  • SageDAT Portal Logo

    A collaborative platform to promote sharing of data and tools

  • Conservation Efforts Database Logo

    Captures conservation actions to address threats to the sagebrush ecosystem

  • Land Treatment Exploration Tool Logo

    Tool for planning restoration and rehabilitation actions on public lands


  • Landscape Approach Data Portal Logo

    Access to BLM data, resources and web tools, including AIM monitoring data

  • Landscape Toolbox Logo

    Resources and tools for monitoring rangeland ecosystems across the West

  • SageGrouse Initiative Logo

    An interactive map to explore regional vegetation and wildlife habitat maps