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Forest Management

The Deschutes Fire Learning Network (FLN)

The Fire Learning Network (FLN)

The Deschutes FLN is one of four landscapes in the Northwest Fire Learning Network. The Northwest network has the overarching goal of accelerating natural fire regime restoration through collaborative strategic planning and includes landscapes on federal, state and private land in Washington and Oregon. Network objectives at each landscape are tied directly to integrating on-going research in fire adapted ecosystems with existing and future projects. The network is therefore at a critical time to influence ecological goals and objectives on Northwest landscapes.

Deschutes FLN Objectives:

  • develop a collaborative vision of national forest lands by integrating existing planning efforts with multiple stakeholder values and on-going research
  • use collaborative vision to develop a prioritized action map, with consensus from a large stakeholder group and show how existing and future projects fit into a larger landscape of desired conditions
  • incorporate existing monitoring plans to measure progress towards desired conditions
  • build a communication plan for public and stakeholder education
  • develop on-the-ground demonstrations and implementation of desired conditions
  • increase money for implementation through collaborative grants


Authored by Maria Wright, Amy Waltz, and Caitlin Bell