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The Oregon Imagery Project

Geospatial data use is now a part of routine operations for Oregon government agencies. As a result, agencies receive many requests from organizations throughout the state for geospatial data, particularly orthoimagery and aerial photography. User needs typically go beyond simple viewing to include such features as clipping data for an area of interest, compressing these data, and shipping them to the user and seamlessly integrating with other geospatial internet applications. A Web-based Internet portal application providing access to and distribution of public domain, statewide orthoimagery would meet the majority of users' needs.

The Oregon Geospatial Enterprise Office and Oregon State University collaborated to develop an orthoimagery portal application to allow for the distribution of digital aerial imagery for the state of Oregon, and to integrate this Imagery Portal, a navigatOR portal for Framework data, into the Oregon Explorer project. The near-term objective of this project was to develop an imagery portal that serves the Framework 2005 half-meter orthoimagery acquired through the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) and other aerial imagery datasets.

Acquisition of the Oregon orthoimagery is coordinated by the Oregon Imagery Framework Group, which includes federal, state and local governmental agencies as well as private companies. Imagery FIT formed a consortium, through a memorandum of understanding (MOU), to build upon image acquisition by the USDA's Farm Services Agency NAIP procured through the Bureau of Land Management. The Oregon Geographic Information Council and many other partners signed this MOU.