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Umpqua Watershed Councils

Umpqua Watershed Councils

There are three active watershed councils in the Umpqua Basin: the Elk Creek Watershed Council, the Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers, and the Smith River Watershed Council.

"Watershed councils are locally organized, voluntary, non-regulatory groups established to improve the condition of watersheds in their local area. The 1995 Legislature unanimously passed House Bill 3441 providing guidance in establishing watershed councils but making it clear that formation of a council is a local government decision, with no state approval required. Watershed councils are required to represent the interests in the basin and be balanced in their makeup.

Watershed councils offer local residents the opportunity to independently evaluate watershed conditions and identify opportunities to restore or enhance the conditions. Through the councils, partnerships between residents, local, state and federal agency staff and other groups can be developed. Through these partnerships and the resulting integration of local efforts, the state's watersheds can be protected and enhanced."

For more information about watershed councils, visit the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board website.