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Western Landscapes

Western Forestry Leadership Coalition

Western forests in the United States are some of the most valuable and productive forests in the world and cover 49% of the nation’s total forested area.  In order to conserve, protect and enhance these resources, the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC) was formed in 2000.  The mission of the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition is to promote science-based forest management that serves the values of society and ensures the health and sustainability of western forests.

The Coalition is comprised of 34 members from Federal and State agencies, including members from the Council of Western State Foresters and eleven members from the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service.  Western State and Federal forestry leaders work as a coalition to address critical resources issues across ownerships and jurisdictions.

Trillium Lake and Mt Hood

Trillium Lake (Miles Hemstrom)

The coalition has identified five priority areas:

  • Forest Health and Invasive Species
  • Wildland Fire and the Widland-Urban Interface
  • Sustainability Communities and Economies
  • Climate Change, Carbon Sequestration, and Biomass Energy
  • Water Quality and Quantity

The Coalition has developed a framework to advance efforts in these five priority areas by strengthening partnerships, building capacity and funding, actively managing all forestlands, supporting scientific research and garnering support through engagement.

The WFLC programs have successfully served family forest-owners, rural and state fire organizations, and community forestry groups.  These programs have targeted improving forest health, land conservation, and community economic recovery.

The collaborative approach of the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition calls on public land agencies, private landowners, and local communities to apply cooperative solutions. WFLC has advanced regional and community-supported work through openness and transparency to collectively preserve and enhance the health and sustainability of western forest landscapes.

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Authored by Luca De Stefanis