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Wetland Rehabilitation Site Maintenance

Wetland projects should be designed to be as self-sustaining as possible, requiring little or no maintenance. However, most rehabilitated wetlands, particularly those with water-control or earthen structures, do require some maintenance.

Water control structures need to be checked regularly. Fallen leaves, twigs or other debris may build up around the mouth of the structure. Debris may obstruct the flow and cause the water level to rise. Inspection of the site, particularly during and after a big storm, will allow the landowner to remove materials before problems develop. Constant control of water levels may be required to ensure that fish passage is maintained, and that no fish are trapped or stranded.

Ditch plugs, dikes and berms also require some care. Established seedings of grasses should be periodically mowed or burned to prevent woody vegetation from compromising the integrity of the structure. Root growth from woody vegetation allows water to penetrate an earthen structure, contributing to the possibility of a washout.

Authored by Esther Lev, Executive Director, The Wetlands Conservancy (2009)