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J.F. Ford Photographs

The J.F. Ford Photographs consist of images of logging and landscapes in Oregon and Washington, primarily of the lower Columbia River region. The bulk of the images show loggers and logging operations including saws and machinery; logging railroads, donkey engines, and trestles; log ponds; logging camps; and a sawmill. The Ford Photographs also include several views of Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia River, Mt. Hood, Mt. Coffin, and the Columbia River.

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Gifford Photographic Collection

The Gifford Photographic Collection consists primarily of photographs taken by four Gifford Family photographers: Ralph I. Gifford; his father, Benjamin A. Gifford; his wife, Wanda Gifford; and his son, Ben L. Gifford. The collection also includes motion pictures filmed by Ralph I Gifford, some photographs for whom the photographer is not identified, images by other photographers, and documentary materials. The Gifford Family's photographic work began in about 1890, when Benjamin A. Gifford emigrated to Portland, and continued into the 1950s. The collection documents Oregon landmarks and scenic views on the Oregon coast and in the Cascade Mountains, Willamette Valley, and central and eastern Oregon; agriculture in Oregon; and Native Americans, especially of the Columbia Plateau.

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Gerald W. Williams Collection

This digital collection includes photos of the WWI era Spruce Production Division, logging photos of northwest Oregon taken by John Fletcher Ford, photos of Celilo Falls taken in 1956 by Jack Williams, and photos of depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps camps and activities. Many of the historic photos are postcards arranged in several geographically based albums. Examples include the Umpqua, Columbia River, and Willamette Valley albums.

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Frank Patterson Photographs

The Frank Patterson Photographs depict natural features, tourist sites, and highways in Oregon and northern California. Of note are numerous images of the Oregon Caves, Crater Lake, the Oregon Coast, and the redwoods. The bulk of the images are photographic postcards which were produced en masse for purchase by travelers and tourists. This digital collection also includes a checklist of Patterson images prepared by Robert I. Wright in 1986. 

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Corvallis Historical Images

Historical Corvallis flood photographs; photographs of homes; landscapes; aerial views; university buildings, clubs, and greek letter societies; rivers; and bridges from 1860 to the present. Photographs are from Oregon State University Special Collections and Archives Research Center collections.

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Columbia Gorge Discovery Center Photo Archive

The mission of the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum is to inspire appreciation and stewardship through collection, preservation, and interpretation of cultural and natural history resources. This regional photo collection of over 9,000 images of Oregon communities and natural resources has been compiled by the Wasco County Pioneer Association and is presented through funding from Oregon Heritage Commission. 

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Braceros in Oregon Photograph Collection

The 102 photographs in this collection document the activities of Oregon's Bracero workers - their cultivation and harvesting work in the fields and orchards as well as the farm labor camps in which they lived. Most of the photographs were taken by Oregon State College Extension staff members as part of a larger effort to document the various groups that contributed to alleviate the state's severe shortage of farm labor. Extension photographers included John Burtner, Fred Shideler, Robert Fowler, and Harry Whitten. Works by commercial photographers Bus Howdyshell of Pendleton and Maurice Hodge of Portland are also included in the collection.

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Angelus Studio photographs, 1880s-1940s

The Angelus Studio was a professional photographic company located in Portland, Oregon. The collection includes works by George M. Weister (1862–1922) and Arthur M. Prentiss (dates undetermined) among the studio photographers; owner Fred Clark also acquired images by previous local photographers including Partridge. The Angelus Studio collection provides extraordinary documentation of the city of Portland, the Lewis & Clark Exposition of 1905, Oregon landmarks, Columbia River, and commercial operations including logging and fish packing.

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The Album Collection

The Album collection contains approximately 50 photo albums from many separate donations. The albums themselves were created by individuals during the different time periods of each album. Highlights of this collection include albums of early Sutherlin, Oregon; construction of the Westover Terrace in Portland, Oregon; construction of the Bonneville dam on the Columbia River; and views of early (late 1800’s) London and Peking.

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1993 ODFW Oregon Rocky Shore Aerial Photography Survey

In 1993, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) commissioned an aerial survey of Oregon’s intertidal zone for two primary reasons: assess kelp stocks and document Snowy Plover habitat. The infrared photos were taken at low tide and form a fairly complete mosaic of Oregon’s coast. The photographs in this collection were digitized from originals held at the Guin Library, Hatfield Marine Science Center, and are presented here with the permission of the ODFW.

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