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Oregon Farmers' Market Finder - Map Viewer

Looking for local fresh, farm grown produce, natural meats and cheese, or crafts? Whether you are planning a trip to Oregon, planning to move here, or already live here, this tool can help identify the farmers markets and roadside stands most convenient to you.

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Oregon Wildlife Viewer

The Oregon Wildlife Viewer is a tool to get specific wildlife species information for amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles and generate species lists for places in Oregon.

Details of the process and methodology used in the wildlife habitat models can be found here.

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Oregon Planner's Map Viewer

Map viewer containing information to support land use planners, including: administrative boundaries, hazards, transportation, hydric soils, wetlands, protected areas, and more.
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Oregon Zoning Map

Dynamic map displaying zoning data from 169 local jurisdictions compiled by the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.
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Oregon Urban Growth Boundary History Map

View changes to Urban Growth Boundaries through time.
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Willamette Valley Wetland Prescreening Tool

Identify mapped wetlands, water bodies, rare wetland types, and federally-listed species that may occur in, or within 100 feet of, your project area within Oregon's Willamette Valley. Multiple wetland-related data layers are available for mapping.

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Oregon Wetland Restoration Planning Tool

Locate the most appropriate sites to implement restoration within a given watershed (watersheds are typically 4th level, 8-digit HUCs). The Oregon Wetland Restoration Planning Tool strives to identify which wetland complexes are the best to restore, based on current wetland condition, land management status, suitable soils, hydrology, and proximity to existing restoration projects, and also what plant materials to use for the job.

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Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol (ORWAP) Map Viewer

The Oregon Rapid Wetland Assessment Protocol (ORWAP) is a standardized method for rapidly assessing the functions and values of wetlands. The ORWAP tool provides site-specific mapping and reporting information needed to answer a small but important subset of ORWAPs 140 indicator questions. It also allows ORWAP users to upload completed assessments. The entire ORWAP protocol (manual, spreadsheets, data forms, policy guidance) can be viewed or downloaded from the Department of State Lands website.

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Wildlife Oregon Explorer Map Viewer

Create habitat, vegetation, and fish distribution maps with the Oregon Explorer Map Viewer with the wildlife theme selected. Use the tutorial to learn how to make wildlife-related advanced maps.

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Western Landscapes Map Viewer

Explore data and maps from a variety of sources to learn more about natural resources and land management issues in the West.

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